Rights and Responsibilities

As part of the NHS Constitution, you have the right to be treated fairly, with respect and dignity and without discrimination. You also have the right to receive treatment within specific timescales, to have certain choices of where you receive treatment, and to receive services of high quality.

We specifically have a number of responsibilities to our patients: you should be offered an appointment to see a doctor or other healthcare professional on the day, if your condition is urgent, or you may be able to speak to your own doctor by telephone should you prefer; you should be able to book a routine appointment up to 4 weeks in advance with the doctor of your choice; you should be treated courteously by staff at all times; you should be guaranteed confidentiality and have access to your medical records by following the procedure outlined above; you should be referred to and have a choice of specialist when this is appropriate; you may be given the result of any test or investigation upon request and you can receive a repeat prescription within 48 hours of request.

As a patient, you also have a number of responsibilities towards the practice. Please be courteous to staff; please ring to cancel your appointment if you are unable to attend; do not to ask for information about anyone else; let us know of any changes of address or telephone numbers; only request an urgent appointment or home visit if necessary. Please be punctual, but prepared to wait if your own consultation is delayed by an unexpected emergency. Allow sufficient time for your hospital letter, test result or investigation to reach us. Use the tear off slip on your prescription to order repeat medication and please attend for review with the doctor or nurse when requested.

Abusive or violent patients may be asked to leave the premises. The police will be called to remove patients if necessary. The practice reserves the right to remove violent or abusive patients from its list. In this situation, patients will receive a letter advising them of the reason for their removal,

Coronavirus (Covid-19)

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Please can we remind all patients not to contact the surgery regarding the COVID-19 or flu vaccinations for over 50’s.  We still have no further updates regarding the COVID-19 vaccine programme, nor have we been instructed to vaccinate all over 50’s who are not in the at risk category for flu.

We are still offering flu vaccinations, but only to the vulnerable and at risk groups.  If you have been invited for a flu vaccination, please give us a call to ensure you receive one.  It would be helpful if you could let us know if you do not wish to have the vaccination, this could be done through message on your Patient Access, by email or telephone.

The practice is under immense pressure, as you can imagine, so please can we ask that you do not ring the surgery with any enquiries about either of these vaccinations.  Updates will be on social media and our website.

Thank you for co-operation.