Patient Participation Group (CHUG)

The Clitheroe Health Centre User Group (CHUG) was established in 2004 and was set up jointly by the two practices based in the Health Centre (The Castle Medical Group & Pendleside Medical Practice).

The CHUG is a Patient Participaton Group (PPG), which meets quarterly and consists of patient representatives from both practices, both Practice Managers, GP representatives, nursing representation and the Health Centre Manager.

The group aims to develop a mutually beneficial relationship between practice and patient by:

  • fostering improved communication between a practice and its patient community.
  • helping practice and local health services to constantly improve as they respond to the health needs of the local population
  • assisting the practice in promoting good health

No training is required to become a member of our CHUG and we always welcome new members. If you would be interested in getting involved then please contact us on 01200 408920.